Pakistani actor Imran Abbas is requesting the public to pray for the country’s first female architect, Yasmeen Lari who is currently hospitalized.

Turning to his Instagram, the Khuda Aur Mohabbat star shared the news about Lari fighting for her life in the intensive care unit while her husband passed away earlier today.

“Prayers needed. Pakistan’s first female architect and a woman known for helping out tons of people with livelihood, the legendary Yasmeen Lari is in ICU. Today, her husband has also died due to coronavirus contraction,” he wrote.

“My sincerest thoughts go out to her and family for the loss and I pray that her husband rest in peace. May Allah (SWT) grant her husband with elevated ranks in Jannah and also bestow her with speedy recovery. Ameen,” he continued.

“The first woman to study and get a degree in architecture. Yasmeen Lari,” he added.

Lari’s husband, Sohail Lari, a renowned historian and author, lost his battle with coronavirus today.

He had written over 60 books on history and had co-founded the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan in 1980 along with Yasmeen Lari.


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